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11 May 1982
, 3 hour naps, all kinds of cheese, bad puns, being in love, boat ornaments, bondage, boys with stick shifts, breakfast foods, bri pi, brian froud art, can't keep a secret, chobits, clean boy smell, collaging, color of blueness, consuming alcoholic beverages, dancing like a child, death, delirium, dreaming with friends, dressing up in wings, eclectic tastes, fantasizing, feather boas that shed, fire, floating into the sky, flourite, fluffy stuff, fresh gentle breezes, funky tights, gentle white roses, girly anime, girly stuff, good puns, grammar nazi, green eyes, handcuffs, hot hot showers, i smell incense, indie/emo/punk music, intelligent boys, japan, japanese food, john cusak, kappa alpha theta, kittycats, kristle-izing my room, laughing till i cry, linear algebra, lip gloss, living a fairy tale, living near the ocean, love hina, mad amber fury, mambfu, meandering along the coast, miyazaki, moonlight on my bed, nightmares and fairytales, not being a hipster, object oriented programming, ok+, pay it forward, pick-me-up hugs, picture quizzes, pineapple upside-down cake, pink depression, pixies, playin the tarot, playing with runes, playtime, postal service, pretty rocks, procrastination, public displays of affection, punk 'n' pi, ridiculousness, sarcasm, satin-y lingerie, scented candles, schoolgirl outfits, sex, shiny things, shopping, sleepytime, smart people, smell of rain, smiling at strangers, smokey whiskey, snuggling, something corporate, sparkles, spikey jewelery, staying up late, stealing lj interests, steaming tea, summertime, sunshine in my hair, sushi, swimming poorly, synth pop, tarantula-the blue stuff, teh cuteness, theme parties, tom robbins, touching stuff, traveling around, truth or dare?, trying to cook, two weeks under, two-player crossword puzzles, uber-short pleated skirts, unda-wears, university of puget sound, useless facts, venus, video gaming, waffoes, wandering aimlessly, warmth, watching thunderstorms, water through my fingers, wearing kittycat ears, whimsical kisses, wishing on stars, 日本語